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Zen for Everyday Life

How to Find Peace and Happiness in the Chaos of Everyday Life

By Matt Valentine


Zen for Everyday Life is a simple and straightforward guide to creating a daily mindfulness meditation practice that brings you greater peace and balance amid the chaos of daily life.

Most people think they need something to be happy. A new car, a big house, a raise at work, true love, or something else altogether. We live our entire lives searching for those things we feel are lacking, all the while never feeling worthy of allowing ourselves to stop and rest until peace is found. However, we've been fooled. Because even if we get what we want it doesn't fulfill us, so, we pick something new to attach ourselves to and the cycle starts anew. The appetite is never fed and the chaos of everyday life continues on.

It's time to break this unhealthy cycle and discover the true path to peace and happiness. Zen for Everyday Life shows you how to live fully present in this moment and to realize the beauty of your life as it is. Through simple, clear, and straightforward instruction Zen for Everyday Life leads you down the path of living with mindfulness and concentration to discover true peace and happiness for yourself.

Zen for Everyday Life shows you step-by-step how to apply dozens of simple meditation techniques to radically transform what were once mundane everyday activities into beautiful and exciting opportunities for peace and joy.

In Zen for Everyday Life, you'll learn how to take principles that have been used in Zen Buddhism for thousands of years and apply them to your everyday life, no matter how busy or crazy your schedule is, to begin discovering a greater sense of peace and joy in your everyday life.

Praise for Zen for Everyday Life


"Since 1984, I have read many books on, for lack of a better description, personal development. So many in fact, I became nauseated with myself. Zen for Everyday Life is great. Specific mindfulness. Not just daily, but moment to moment." 

- Mitchell Gerson

"I love Zen for Everyday Life...there are so many gems embedded in this beautifully written publication.  When I settle down to read I can feel the love that you enveloped into this edition."

- Elizabeth Garrison

“Zen for Everyday Life is really awesome. It is simple, well-arranged and very continues to help me alot with my daily Zen practice.”

- Viktor Kouril

"Thank you so much for this wonderful book! It is already transforming my life in a most positive sense, even though I’ve only read about half of it so far. The audiobook version is a wonderful addition, allowing me to revisit what I have read on the go for deeper understanding."

- Jennifer

"I honestly love Zen for Everyday Life. It has definitely helped deepen my mindfulness practise. I gain a better ability to take in Matt's very soft spoken words through the audio book while I read along. I feel like it is a way more in depth addition to Matt's original book (which sparked my hunt for inner peace and happiness)." 

- Mitchell Vernaroli

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