I’m Matt Valentine, the founder of Buddhaimonia.

Buddhaimonia is a resource for those looking to live with greater peace and balance through the practices of mindfulness, related meditations, and Buddhist wisdom.

What Buddhaimonia is All About

The story of Buddhaimonia is one of remembering who we are. It’s about turning back the bad habits of the past few hundred years that have caused us to race to our death, fill ourselves with stress and anxiety, and forget to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak. It’s about remembering what is truly important.

To live with mindfulness is to live in a way that we learn to both stop and appreciate life as well as to pay attention to our mind and body when we’re experiencing pain (whether mental or physical) so that we can tend to our wounds and heal. It’s also about looking inward and finding truth in the deepest reaches of ourself. 

Living more deeply and mindfully have always been two of the most important things we could do. However, today, it’s more important than ever before.

In an age where we’re pushed to the brink of stress at work, where we’re constantly being distracted by the next glowing light of an electronic device, where clinical anxiety and depression have become almost the norm, and where we’re convinced that busyness and productivity are signs of a successful life, more than ever we need to learn how to stop, breathe, and tune in to what’s going on within and around us.

My mission with Buddhaimonia is to offer a resource which helps show others how to do just that.

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Leading people down the path and helping them discover the truth for themselves is part of what Buddhaimonia is about. I don’t presume to be some magical guru that has special abilities or whom you should follow because “only I know the way”.

In the same way that we raise our children to be self-sufficient so that they may navigate the world skillfully on their own, my goal is to help you find the way within yourself.

You’ll find the way in whispers of truth which you experience in your everyday life. And as you follow that trail you’ll find greater peace and joy throughout each day.

My goal is simply to help show you how do that.