This Moment

How to Live Fully and Freely in the Present Moment

By Matt Valentine


A Step-by-Step Practice Guide for Living More Fully and Freely in the Present Moment

This Moment shows you step-by-step how to develop a daily mindfulness and meditative practice which serves as the foundation of living more fully and freely in the present moment. But that's just the beginning.

In This Moment, you'll learn how to live more intentionally and design a life more conducive to peace, happiness, and freedom, how to live in harmony with the world around you by more skillfully handling major life challenges such as when (and how) to let go, when to hold on, and how to be our more authentic selves in each moment, and how to live with more love, both self-love and love for others, and how that's connected with our search for meaning in life and living more fully and freely in the present moment.

This Moment is for:

  • Beginners just starting with the practice of mindfulness & meditation and whom who don't know exactly where to start.
  • Those who have practiced for some time but are experiencing challenges in their life and practice.
  • Anyone who has found pain and suffering through personal (especially intimate) relationships, be it through separation or the loss of a loved one, and wants to heal those wounds.
  • ...As well as for those simply desiring to live a happier and more peaceful life and who want a more thorough step-by-step guide for bringing that to life in an effective way that doesn't ignore the fact of life's many challenges.

This Moment takes you through a step-by-step practice for designing an environment and life more conducive to peace, happiness, and self-love. Let This Moment be your guide and a loving companion to a life lived more fully and freely in this moment, by learning to touch the peace of the present moment with all of your being.

Praise for This Moment


"I have been on a journey of personal discovery for a little over a year, stumbling about with the concepts of living mindfully and trying to establish regular meditative practice. The journey so far has been unguided but with Matt Valentine’s new book, “This Moment: How to Live Fully and Freely in the Present Moment”, I now have a structured and guided approach to further my journey. In “This Moment”, Matt lays out a comprehensive, easy to follow guide complete with practical examples so that anyone can undertake the journey to yourself."

- John Detering

"A tool to live by! This Moment by Matt Valentine not only promises a future more joyous, it delivers on every count! Giving a detailed background on mindfulness practice and offering easy, realistic steps to achieve a happier you."

- Shakira Bennett

"Matt Valentine has written a book that takes the complex philosophy of mindful living and breaks it into gentle, easy to follow instructions that serve beginners and long term practitioners alike. Matt shows us the path then lovingly guides us towards the freedom we seek."

- Lori Switalski

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