ZfEL Ep. 3: How to Cleanse the Mind and Create an Environment Conducive to Greater Peace and Wisdom

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This week's episode is all about cleansing the mind and nourishing wholesome seeds in our day-to-day life. It's the process of demoting, or turning away from, unwholesome seeds and watering or promoting wholesome ones in an effort to provide ourselves with the proper nourishment for our heart and mind.

I talk about the 6 "channels" with which we absorb nutriment, the Buddha's 4 Nutriments, what is mindful consumption, and how to water wholesome seeds and manage unwholesome seeds in our everyday life. This episode is filled with practical and easy-to-apply advice for deepening your daily practice and finding greater peace and joy in your day-to-day life.

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Show notes:

  1. For more information on the 4 Nutriments in the Buddha's words: The Buddha's 4 Nutriments - Access to Insight

  2. See below for exercises...

  3. Simplifying the process: What is the 1 thing you can do right now for each category?

Cleansing the mind/4 Nutriments exercises:

  1. Edible food- Be mindful of your relationship with food. Do you eat with moderation? Is it difficult to control your cravings? Also: take 1-2 minutes before each meal to contemplate on the origin and history of the food in front of you.
  2. Sense food 1 (associations)- Who are the top 5-10 people you're around the most? Do any of those people water negative seeds in you on a consistent basis? Should you distance yourself from that person?
  3. Sense food 2 & 3 (read + watch + listen)- Read: blogs, magazines, news online, and eBooks (plus physical books and magazines). Watch: online videos (YouTube, etc.), T.V., movies. Listen:music, radio news & shows, podcasts, audio files/books. Do for each: What do you consume on a regular basis? Are these watering wholesome or unwholesome seeds in me? Do this for each area.
  4. Volitions- What is my major volition? Is it unwholesome/wholesome? What is it driven by? What are my core values? Be mindful
  5. Consciousness- Establish a daily mindfulness and meditation practice. My second book, Zen for Everyday Life, is all about this. For more information, click here.

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