ZfEL Ep. 10: How to Start Fresh in Every Moment with Mindfulness Practice


This is fresh start week on the ZfEL podcast. Today I cover how to let go of what holds us back and start fresh with mindfulness practice. Mindfulness gives us the ability to start each new moment off fresh, free from the chains of the past and the weight of our conditioning. Whether you're looking to start the new year, this month, week, or just today off fresh this episode will help show you how to do it with mindfulness practice.

To go along with episode #10, episode #11 and this week's guided meditation is called "Mindful Refresh" and it's a simple guided meditation for letting go of what holds us down and experiencing the freshness of this moment each new morning.

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Show notes:

  1. ZfEL #11: Mindful Refresh: A Guided Morning Meditation
  2. Start fresh this year and bring more mindfulness into your life by creating a mindful morning routine with this week's blog post: How to Create a Mindful Morning Routine.
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