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Buddhaimonia offers a completely ad-free reading experience and is supported through purchases of the books and courses I create.

If you'd like to support the blog or podcast, you can purchase one of my books:

Zen for Everyday Life

How to Find Peace and Happiness in the Chaos of Everyday Life

"You’ll find peace and happiness within your own mind, in the heart of the chaos of your everyday life, and Zen for Everyday Life is about showing you how to do that."

Zen for Everyday Life is a moment-to-moment mindfulness practice guide made to help you discover peace and happiness in your everyday life using more than 40 meditations and exercises. It's a universal path to greater peace and happiness made to complement your life as it is amid the chaos and craziness inherent in daily life. Click here to learn more.

The Little Book of Mindfulness

Going From Stressed and Distracted to Happy and Alive

"Learn how to overcome the weight of the past and go beyond our obsession with the future to the ground of peace- the present moment- with the power of mindfulness."

The Little Book of Mindfulness is a convenient resource which breaks down mindfulness in a way that makes it crystal clear to understand, super easy to learn, and straightforward to apply. Read more.

This Moment

How to Live Fully and Freely in the Present Moment


This Moment breaks down the most important efforts in the daily practice of living a fully engaged and mindful life so that you can move more skillfully with the challenges of everyday life to realize greater peace and freedom.

My 3rd book is a complete guide to mindful living. It was created for those who are just starting out on the path of peace and mindful living and want to know where they should focus their efforts as well as for those who have practiced mindfulness or another form of meditation for some time but are still experiencing challenges in their practice of living fully and peacefully in the present moment. To get more information and purchase a copy, click here.

Meditation for Everyday Life Online Course

How to Stick to a Consistent Meditation Practice


More than anything else, time and time again I hear people tell me the same thing...

"I know how good meditation is for me, but I just can't find the time to stick to it consistently."

This is something that I struggled with for years and it's for this reason that I created Meditation for Everyday Life.

Meditation for Everyday Life is the first meditation course designed to help you create and stick to a consistent daily meditation practice amid all the typical challenges and responsibilities we face in everyday life.

Journey to the Present Moment Online Course


Mindfulness helps us become more present to our life in each moment. More present to ourselves, to our loved ones, and more available to touch the beauty all around us and in every moment. It doesn't make the challenges of daily life disappear, but it does provide us with an invaluable tool for navigating those challenges, finding greater peace and happiness, and works as a sort of foundation for further training our mind. 

Mindfulness is the master key to taking back control of our lives. It transformed my life years ago and it's for this reason that I created Journey to the Present Moment.

Journey to the Present Moment is currently closed for enrollment, but you can sign up to be notified when the course opens for enrollment and get my free PDF guide 5 Ways to Live More Freely and Peacefully in the Present Moment with Mindfulness to get you started: