Join the This Moment Book Launch Team and Receive 4 Exclusive Benefits

Join the This Moment Book Launch Team (1)

I'd like to ask for your help.

Self-publishing a book is a lot of work and there are so many moving parts. This is definitely more than I can do all by myself. At least, if I want the book to have as much impact as I know it can have.

As we're approaching the launch of my new book, This Moment: How to Live Fully and Freely in the Present Moment, I've decided to try something different. I'm inviting 100 of my readers to join me in creating a special "This Moment Book Launch Team." It's a peer group of people who are willing help get the word out about the book.

Team Member Benefits

As a This Moment Book Launch Team member, you will get:

  1. A free, digital review copy of the book in advance of the publication date (PDF).
  2. Exclusive access to me in a Private Facebook Group.
  3. A special 30-minute live group session with me prior to the launch of the book.
  4. A 25% off annual membership discount on my soon-to-be-released Mindful Way program. This monthly membership program will give you everything you need to make mindfulness a way of life and help you stay consistent in your practice moving forward.

Team Member Requirements

As a member of the This Moment Book Launch Team you:

  • Write a brief book review testimonial for use on the blog and official book page.
  • Help spread the word about the book in any way you can, to your friends, family and beyond, starting the week of February 15th to the February 29th release date.
  • Share ideas and brainstorm additional ways we might further help bring the message to an even greater audience. All ideas are welcome.

That’s it! The 100 team members will be selected next week upon which emails will go out to everyone that applied (and those accepted will be given the link to the Private Facebook Group).

Team Member Sign Up

UPDATE: Thank you for taking an interest in supporting the book. Team sign-ups are now closed. If you signed up to the This Moment Book Launch Team, look for an email from me on Friday, Feb. 12th.

Thank you again for the support. This is a book which I'm standing behind with all of my being, so it's amazing to know I won't be alone.

Peace, Matt