The Mindfulness and Meditation Master Resource: 20 Guides and Resources to Help You Learn Meditation and Live with Mindfulness

The Mindfulness and Meditation Master Resource: 20 Guides and Resources to Help You Learn Meditation and Live with Mindfulness

Since Buddhaimonia's start just a year and a half ago, I've put together a lot of guides, eBooks, blog posts, and other resources (nearly all free) on the subjects of meditation (many different forms) and living with mindfulness.

While it's true you can find meditation and mindfulness instruction anywhere now with the advent of the Internet, what I found when beginning my own meditation and mindfulness practice is that most of it either unclear or confusing, and a lot of it doesn't clearly show you how it applies to everyday life, so it's only so useful.

Sure, there's great wisdom and advice out there, but it's mostly scattered in books by various authors and other resources. In creating Buddhaimonia, I wanted to simplify things and create a single resource that people could use to learn meditation and mindfulness practices in simple and straightforward language, with clear instruction, and highly applicable to everyday life.

This post is all about bringing those resources I've created over the past year and a half together in an effort to better help you learn meditation, live with mindfulness, as well as to help you develop both practices in countless different ways depending on both your preferences and lifestyle.

I hope you find one (or many) of these resources useful to you.

20 Guides and Resources to Help You Learn Meditation and Live with Mindfulness

Click on either the link title, image, or links within the text below to access any of the guides/eBooks/post pages. Enjoy!

1. The Little Book of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something very dear to my heart, because it single-handedly transformed my life in so many ways.

That's why my very first book absolutely had to be on mindfulness. I wanted to help others transform their life in the same way that mindfulness was able to do for me.

The Little Book of Mindfulness is all about breaking mindfulness down to make it simple, straightforward, and crystal clear to understand and begin practicing.

And the cool part? It's completely free.

To date, thousands of people have downloaded the book and I still receive emails each week in appreciation for the book.

It's made me really happy that people have been able to make such great use of the book. I hope it can be useful to you as well.

2. The Mindfulness Survival Guide

The Mindfulness Survival Guide is something that people have REALLY loved since the first time I posted about it.

It's all about showing you how you can use mindfulness to help navigate and even overcome the various challenges we face in everyday life and live with greater mindfulness.

I've since improved the guide (which may later be developed into a book, so look out for that), which you can download for free by clicking here.

3. Zen for Everyday Life

Zen for Everyday Life is my first "full length" book. The book is a moment-to-moment mindfulness guide made to help you discover peace and happiness in your everyday life using more than 40 meditations and exercises. It’s a universal path to peace and joy made to complement your life as it is through the use of mindfulness.

If you'd like to get 2 additional free chapters, plus my free email course, enter your name and email below, click the yellow button, and you’ll get the download link sent straight to your inbox:

If you'd like to purchase or get details on the full book, click here.

4. 5 Ways I Use Mindfulness Meditation Every Day to Live More Fully, Freely, and Peacefully

This is yet another free guide I put together to help others understand how to really bring the practices of meditation and mindfulness more easily and practically into their everyday lives in really meaningful and "productive" ways.

This guide is all about the 5 practices I use most often each day to live more fully, freely, and peacefully in the present moment.

You can check out the guide and download a copy for free by clicking here.

5. 7 Steps to Overcoming Attachment and Letting Go with Meditation

This is a blog post dedicated to showing how one can overcome the typical attachments we get held up on in everyday life and develop the ability to let go all with various meditation practices.

This post is simple, straightforward, and takes you through literally step-by-step.

If you'd like any further elaboration on the meditations mentioned in the article, feel free to contact me here.

6. 5 Steps to Making Meditation a Daily Habit

This article is a powerful yet super simple one because it combines the tips I've discovered in my own meditation practice (and in instructing others) to create a full-proof plan to making meditation into a daily habit.

For anyone looking to establish a daily meditation practice, this is required reading (and really all you need, as far as steps and actions to take, to make meditation a daily habit). 

This is best combined with 5 Tools to Begin Your Home Meditation Practice (#8).

7. 7 Ways to Live More Mindfully in the Busy, Fast-Paced, and Plugged In Modern World

Making meditation a daily habit, as well as learning to live with mindfulness, is difficult in itself.

But what happens when you combine that with a very busy, very fast-paced, and super plugged in modern world?

The recipe is both of those things become even more difficult to make a reality.

But alas, there's much you can do to combat the difficulties of establishing a daily meditation practice and living with mindfulness in the modern world, and this post is all about showing you how to do just that.

8. 5 Tools to Help You Start Your Home Meditation Practice

This is another super useful post for beginning your own personal meditation practice because it's all about the 5 tools you can use to best and most reliably start a home meditation practice.

These tools are all things I've used personally to develop a strong and consistent daily meditation practice.

I also made a free downloadable guide version of this post with detailed meditation instructions, which you can download directly here.

9. 5 Powerful Ways Mindful Eating Will Transform Your Relationship With Food

Eating is one of the cornerstones of everyday life. So, by learning how to bring the energy of mindfulness into this frequent daily activity, you can turn mealtime into an amazing opportunity to deepen your daily practice and find greater peace and enjoyment.

This post breaks down 5 simple practices you can use to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a deeper, more fulfilling, and more peaceful practice.

You can check it out here.

10. 50 Awesome Meditation Tips for Beginners

As you might imagine, 50 tips makes for a pretty large post, but if you think this sounds a bit outrageous- don't.

This post is filled with tips I wish I knew about when beginning my own meditation practice.

If it seems a little overwhelming at first, I'd suggest just reading through it and picking out the ones that are most immediately helpful to you at your stage of practice and in your lifestyle.

There's SO many great tips here, it's definitely worth checking out.

You can read the post here.

11. How to Find Peace and De-Stress with a Simple Tea Meditation

This how-to guide is all about tea, and a simple tea meditation I do often.

This guide covers a short history of tea and how it came into the hands of Zen monks, a little about the significance of tea ceremonies in Zen Buddhism, and how you can practice a simple tea meditation easily in your own home to de-stress and find greater peace in everyday life.

You can learn how to do this simple tea meditation here.

12. Meditating on the Cosmos: Instantly Gain Perspective and Reduce Stress with This Simple Meditation

Have you ever looked up at the sky, pondered on the immense scale of the universe, and thought, "Wow, my problems are so small."

That's what this post is all about.

In this post, I take that idea and create it into a simple meditation for helping you instantly gain perspective and reduce stress.

You can learn how to meditate on the cosmos by reading the meditation instructions here.

13. Learn How to Meditate in the Next 5 Minutes: The Quick Start Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

I have some pretty big guides on Buddhaimonia, but I know sometimes people just want to get to the point.

For those people, I created this guide.

This guide doesn't just show you how to learn meditation in 5 minutes, you can read the post + begin meditation in the next 5 minutes altogether (it's very short, intentionally, like the next article).

If you just want to get to the dang thing and start meditating, click here.

14. 30 Seconds to Peace: How to Regain Control of Your Mind and Body

This is a simple and very short post I did a while back that's intended to bring you back to "center" if you're having a tough time.

My average posts on Buddhaimonia are really large (3,000 words?), so this is a pretty unique one.

But its shortness isn't an accident, it's intentional. For those looking for a simple message and simple practice to help them "find themselves" again in the difficulties of this moment, this is a great post to start with.

You can bring yourself back to center in 30 seconds by reading the post here.

15. 10 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Beginning with Mindfulness

This is a post which eventually became a chapter in The Little Book of Mindfulness, but which stands on its own as a valuable resource for anyone beginning to establish their own mindfulness practice.

This post includes 10 of my best tips for those just beginning to live with greater mindfulness while navigating the challenges of everyday life in the process.

You can read about those tips and tricks here.

16. How to Create a Zen Space: Finding Peace by Creating a Personal Space That Nourishes Your Mind and Body

How to Create a Zen Space is actually a preview chapter of Zen for Everyday Life, my 2nd book, which takes the principle of creating a dedicated meditation space that I talk about from time to time on the blog and expands on it.

You can learn how to create a Zen (meditation) space by reading the post here.

17. 10 Things Mindfulness Will Teach You About Life

For those just beginning in their mindfulness practice, or who simply began practicing to de-stress and feel a little less mental racket, this post will show you just how powerful learning to live your life with mindfulness can be and open you up to the significance in true mindfulness practice.

This guide covers many powerful life lessons I've learned throughout my personal mindfulness practice. I hope you find it useful to you in your own practice.

You can find out those 10 things by reading the post here.

18. The Ultimate Guide to Meditation: The What, Why, and How of Meditation

This is one of my earliest guides, and it remains a popular post on Buddhaimonia.

This post breaks down the basic principles of meditation simply and clearly, gives basic instruction in multiple forms of meditation, and provides a list of resources to help move your practice along.

This is a pretty big guide, but you can download a PDF version of it if you want to take it with you on the go.

You can read the guide here.

Or you can download the PDF guide and take it with you on the go here.

19. Love is the Way: The Universal Path to Peace, Happiness, and Enlightenment

Love, compassion, and kindness are important principles which I've talked about several times before, but never isolated and discussed by itself.

This recent article seeks to change that and show you how, as always simply, clearly, and in a straightforward way, the way of love can be used as a singular spiritual path and way to greater well-being all in itself.

This article includes what I believe is one of the most powerful forms of meditation, so it's absolutely worth checking out.

You can read the guide here.

20. Journey to the Present Moment, the Buddhaimonia online course

Journey to the Present Moment is my official online course, and it's all about showing you how to live more fully, freely, and peacefully through, you guessed it, developing a daily meditation practice and learning to live with mindfulness.

The course includes everything from a complete plan to establishing a consistent daily meditation practice, a complete plan to then bring mindfulness into your daily life and make it a way of life, as well as step-by-step guidance not only through the process of both of those plans but guidance through much of the "deeper" levels of mindfulness and meditation practice (really everything you need to know to handle skillfully the things that arise as you develop your practice).

The course is currently closed for enrollment, but you can sign up to be notified when it comes back up by clicking here.

Now Get Started

That's it! I hope you found The Mindfulness and Meditation Master Resource a helpful resource no matter what stage you're on in your meditation and/or mindfulness practice.

If there's something I've yet to write about that you're interested in me writing about (lots of post drafts planned, only so much time), feel free to comment below or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!