The Little Book of Mindfulness, Available Now (Free to Download)

The Little Book of Mindfulness - Available Now

It's been about 2 1/2 months since I set out to write my first book, and I'm happy to announce that it's now absolutely, completely, and 100% done and available for download.

If you're already a part of the Buddhaimonia newsletter you'll be getting a welcome email with a download link to the book- for FREE. Yep, you're getting The Little Book of Mindfulness for free.

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Along with the welcome email that includes the TLBM download link, you'll also begin getting my new and exclusive email content series. About an email a week (then later an email every 2 weeks), this content series will guide you through the process of developing a daily practice which nourishes your mind and body, leads you to greater peace and happiness, and helps you realize your true potential. And it will direct you to some of my best content which covers the various topics that I'll discuss in those emails.

What was originally supposed to be a small book meant to introduce people to mindfulness in simple, clear, and straightforward language turned into a 15 chapter and nearly 100-page book filled to the brim with valuable information. Here's a snippet from the TLBM page which can be found here:

The Little Book of Mindfulness is literally filled with valuable information, tips and tricks, and insights:

  1. The origins of mindfulness- I'll go into detail on where mindfulness came from and how it's traveled from ancient India to the offices of Twitter and other Silicon Valley giants, major hospitals and medical centers, and classrooms around the United  States.
  2. What mindfulness is- I explain in simple English how mindfulness works, what it is, what it isn't, and ways to help you make sure you're practicing correctly.
  3. The benefits of practicing mindfulness- It takes me two full chapters to explain all the reasons you need to start practicing mindfulness.
  4. How to practice mindfulness- Detailed yet simple and clear instruction on how to actually practice mindfulness in a variety of ways
  5. How to develop mindfulness- How to bring mindfulness into your everyday life as a daily practice and habit which nourishes your mind and body and helps you cultivate true peace and happiness.
  6. My 11 Best Tips and Tricks for Beginning with Mindfulness
  7. The 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Mindfulness and Meditation

Seriously, It's Free?

So why am I giving away for free something I've worked so hard on? The world is constantly changing, and being an author in 2014 isn't what it was even ten short years ago. But I mean that in all the right ways.

Everything is online and everyone has the ability to become a self-published author. It's a beautiful time for books, writers, and self-development in general. The format has changed from:

Get idea -> Send proposal to publishing companies -> hope you hear back (99% of the time you don't, and your career as a writer grinds to a halt) -> If you're lucky, you hear back, get a deal, begin writing manuscript, finish writing, and then go on tour promoting the book (and getting the book promoted for you by your publishing company).

Now it's:

Get idea -> write book -> build platform (by that I mean essentially build a blog -> format book for eBook / print publishing -> publish book -> promote book (probably have to extensively study content marketing, because you'll be doing this, and essentially everything else, yourself)

Self-published authors really are that- they do essentially every part of the publishing process, with the help of a number of key online resources, themselves. I now have great respect for any self-published author. This was a big undertaking, especially considering how many pages long The Little Book of Mindfulness turned out to be (and my next, Zen for Everyday Life, will be 150~...).

Sure, blogs don't typically give away books as large as the one I'm giving. But at this early stage of Buddhaimonia's growth, I feel it will be worth giving The Little Book of Mindfulness away for free in order to get myself out there and to start building a community of people on Buddhaimonia that can support one another.

I'm deeply grateful for anyone who has, or will, promote The Little Book of Mindfulness. If you appreciate the book, let someone know about it whom you think could benefit from it.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support. I hope the book brings you peace and joy.


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