Who is Matt Valentine?

I’m a mindfulness and meditation teacher, passionate author and creator, student of Zen, and a devoted husband and father.

I'm a typical family guy with a penchant for deep thinking and a love for Eastern philosophy. I largely stumbled upon the path I'm on now.

Nearly eight years ago, mindfulness and meditation were introduced to me through the practice of Zen Buddhism (for the origin story on how I got there, read here). I wasn’t a proclaimed Zen Buddhist, but I had been deeply influenced by the tradition and practice and still today have a great and deep appreciation for it.

I read a few books on the subject before landing on one that really gave me a decent introduction to the practice of mindfulness. But even then, I was left with questions and missing pieces of information that left me feeling lost and confused.

That’s part of what inspired me to create Buddhaimonia. I wanted to create an online resource that helped teach people the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and related topics in a simple and straightforward way. And a resource that gave them everything they needed to grow and develop their practice further.

In a world where we’re encouraged to live disconnected, distracted, and stressed out...I choose to live more present, mindful, and at peace.  

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