I'm Not a Spiritual Guru

 From my online course, Meditation for Everyday Life.

From my online course, Meditation for Everyday Life.

The Buddha said “be a light unto yourself” and don’t blindly follow even his own teachings. That's a foundational principle of Buddhaimonia. I have no desire, nor make any attempts, to be anyone's guru.

Having said that, I deeply enjoy teaching what I know. I understand the importance of teachers on the path, acknowledge my strength in breaking down complicated or confusing subjects in a simple and actionable way (a big part of Buddhaimonia), and wholeheartedly accept that some see me as one of their teachers of sorts.

Keep in mind, though, that we can and often are teachers for one another, so I consider the relationship mutual as I've learned so much from the community that has formed here and am deeply grateful for it.

When it comes down to it, I consider myself a gateway more than anything. While the value of teachers is immense, in many ways our journey is ours alone.

So it’s my intention to be a guide to you if you're looking to make meditation, mindful living and the pursuit of wisdom a part of your life as well as a gateway to further teaching and development if you so choose.

Is This a Buddhist Website?

  A traditional Zen calligraphy symbol called an enso. Drawing is one of my favorite morning rituals. 

A traditional Zen calligraphy symbol called an enso. Drawing is one of my favorite morning rituals. 

Buddhaimonia isn’t an explicitly Buddhist website, although I myself have a deep appreciation for the Buddha’s teachings and practice Zen meditation daily, and that’s reflected in the content and material I provide on Buddhaimonia.

The Buddha didn’t decide his followers were “Buddhists” and he didn't intend to create a religion, if anything he suggested his followers call themselves vibhajjavadins (meaning “those who analyze” referring to analyzing reality or the nature of ourselves and this life). They were humans simply seeking to transcend the suffering we all experience and to discover true peace and happiness. It's in this spirit which Buddhaimonia was founded.

The Buddha spoke to people from their tradition. In ancient India, where the Brahman faith was predominant during the Buddha’s time, the Buddha spoke to Brahmans from the perspective of their Brahman tradition. He didn’t try to “convert” them to his teachings. I believe this is due to his depth of understanding.

So in the same way that the Buddha spoke to people from their own tradition, so too do I make the intention to speak to others from a universal perspective that shows them the path from their own unique life experiences and preferences.

So, whether you’re Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, a believer of Greek mythology (half-joke), consider yourself spiritual but not religious, or really have no idea or desire to categorize yourself and simply want to better your life, I’m here to help.

No fuzzy out-of-body-quantum-leap sort of stuff, no gimmicks, no trying to sell you spiritual massage oils or weird stuff like that. Just honest insights from a life lived mindfully and a mind which loves to immerse itself in the wisdom of this beautiful and chaotic world. 

Buddhaimonia is About You

I don't pretend to have all the answers. However, it's my mission to teach what I've learned thus far and learn as I go so that I can continue to serve you better.

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I look forward to seeing you around.



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